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 We believe that Jesus never intended the church to be complicated and full of "red tape".  We believe that everything we do should be simple and uncomplicated.  We are nonjudgmental and believe God can redeem anyone and anything.  We believe in honesty, realness and being transparent.  We expose false religions who enslave their followers with extra biblical rules.  We resist the spirit of unforgiveness.  We welcome the broken, sinful, and the wounded.  Non of us are perfect and have our lives put together.  If you want to hang out with real people who love each other then we welcome you.  There is no pressure to perform here at Essential.


About Our Church

In times of hardship and disarray, it can be easy to give into sorrow and hopelessness. Allow us to help you get back on your feet by showing you the love of Jesus. Head over to Essential Church today.

We are a nondenominational church in Williamston, Michigan. With us, you can worship God in all His glory and hear His Word without being troubled by any church drama or politics. Attend one of our services any Sunday!


Core Values


(Acts 2:42)



Showing Christ in the community.

(Acts 5:42)


We are a church that makes new churches.
(Acts 13:1-3)


About Our Pastor

Pastor Chris grew up in Michigan and was saved at the age of five. He studied Theology and got his degree in 2002. Two years later, he married his wife, Amanda. They spent four years on the foreign mission field.

He was an integral part of planting Essential Church. He has been the pastor of four churches and has helped numerous people nourish their faith.


Our Service Schedule

Time of Service is 10:30-12:00

Contact Information


Essential Church


3510 Zimmer Rd. Williamston MI



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